Use Google Alerts to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry

As a website owner it’s important to know when people are talking about you online, and it’s equally important to keep up to date on important matters in your niche.

An easy and free solution is to use the Google Alerts tool, which will allow you to monitor the web for interesting new content, whether it be about you, or the industry you’re operating in.

You can easily set up Google Alerts to notify you via email whenever a keyword you’ve selected is used on the internet. Some examples of keywords I track would be:

“Adrian Wagar”
“Freelance Web Developer Income”
“Learn to Code”
“Passive Income”

When creating your alert you’ll want to make sure to use quotations. This will indicate to Google that you’re only interested if all of the words are found in the search. I don’t want to know anytime Adrian OR Wagar pops up…I want to know when “Adrian Wagar” is mentioned (narcissistic, I know, but so important for small business owners!). Your google alert should look something like this:

How to use google alerts

When you do receive results about yourself, your blog, or business make sure to take action!
Post a tweet letting your twitter followers know how you were featured.
Leave a comment on the website thanking the author for featuring your or your business.

Thanks for reading – I hope you find some value in setting up a Google Alert, and that you see some results soon!

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