Ten Gifts for Inspired Young Girls – 2017 Edition

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Every christmas I struggle with what to buy my young niece. She wants a Barbie doll, but my heart wants to sponsor a panda on her behalf. If I’m honest with myself I can see how that’s a terrible gift so I can agree that there needs to be a compromise. Anyways below are ten delightful presents that a young girl is sure to enjoy.

1. This hand-embroidered Unicorn Doll Canada’s Weslie and Nan is perfect for any young unicorn believers in your life

unicorn doll present

Get it from WeslieandNan for $48.00.

2. “Little Yoga: A Toddler’s First Book of Yoga” to help your little one stretch and find inner peace from all the stresses of childhood.

little yoga book for toddlers

Get it from Amazon for $10.25.

3. Low Poly Crafts sells a kit with all the materials needed to craft this giant paper elephant head. It’s beautiful room decor for any wildlife lover

elephant head for childrens room

Get it from Low Poly Crafts for $100.00.

4. This organic cotton-and-hemp plush toy Sun + Stars is a whimsical gift featuring a hand drawn unicorn

unicorn pillow

Get it from Sun + Stars Co for $26.00.

5. This penguin sweater and pants set by clothing brand Olly and Arya will result in nothing but a cozy cuteness overload.

penguin sweater outfit for kids

Get it from Olly & Arya for $80.00.

6. LOTTIE Dolls. Inspired by real kids these dolls are designed to empower girls to be themselves and are built to reflect a young girls proportions

lottie doll

Get it from Amazon for $34.00.

7. “Mortimer” by famed Canadian author Robert Munsch. This story about a boy who doesn’t want to go to sleep is a delight for both child and parent

mortimer the book

Get it from Amazon for $10.00.

8. “The Gruffalo” by Julia Donaldson. This award-winning story about a mouse outwitting the creatures of the deep dark wood has been delighting children and adults the world over for more than fifteen years

the gruffalo book

Get it from Amazon for $12.00.

9. Roominate isn’t your average dollhouse! Roominate sets allow for problem solving and creative thinking because there isn’t a singular way to assemble each set. Build anything from a studio to a chateau to a helicopter.

roominate dollhouse

Get the basic set from Playmonster $30.00.


The Fingerlings Baby Monkey. It’s mass produced, but I’m not a monster. Everyone wants this but you won’t find it anywhere at it’s original list price of around 20 bucks

get fingerlings monkey

Get it from Amazon for about $50.00.

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