Review of the Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series

photo of vitamix ascent series white

photo of vitamix ascent series a2500 white

After years of deliberating over whether I should buy an extremely overpriced blender I finally ditched my Nutribullet and got a Vitamix A2500 in the Ascent Series. In Canada these retail at about $700 dollars, but I got mine using my RBC Avion Reward points during a Black Friday Sale.

As soon as it arrived by UPS I washed out the container and made Vitamix’s Carrot Juice Plus because it was really the only thing that I had all the ingredients for.

Initial thoughts on the Vitamix A2500

1 – It’s Big

When I pulled the Vitamix out of the box I was surprised by how big it was. The base is about the size of a toaster, and the 1.89L container seemed too huge to make something like a protein shake for one. After using it to make juice I can see how all that space is needed because the raw fruits and veggies take up a lot of space. Also – it’s sleek enough that it doesn’t look as monstrous on my counter as I was worried that it might.

2 – It’s Loud

I knew the Vitamix would be loud, but I was genuinely surprised by just how loud the Vitamix is. The juice recipe called for turning the dial from 1 up to 10 and by the time the dial hit 6 I was worried by neighbours would hear the machine, and by the time the dial hit 10 I figured by entire building would know that I got a Vitamix. I wanted to step away from the machine because it just seemed so…violent.  This might not be a problem if you live in a house, but I live in a small condo so the noise does concern me.

I learned that you should keep a tea towel under the Vitamix, and pull it away from the wall to help keep the noise to a minimum. This did help a lot, but it’s still much louder than any other regular-powered blender that I’ve used.

3 – The Results

Okay – the hype is real, I guess. The juice finished with a light smoothie consistency because all the fibre remains in the drink. It’s significantly different than the juice that comes out of a juicer because of all the fibre, but it’s really fresh and delicious, and due to the fibre and nutrition that’d be thrown out using a traditional juicer the end result is much healthier.  Turning fruits and veggies into a drink without any added preservatives is awesome and I’ll be doing this again really soon.

In comparison – I’ve made the same recipe in a Nutribullet and the result was a fibrous clumpy paste that needs to be watered down and drunk through a straw.

4 – The Cleanup

No complaints about cleanup. Just add a tiny drop of dish soap to the Vitamix and turn it on. It does a great job of cleaning itself in just a few seconds.


Basically – I love this machine and think it was a great value for the amount of Reward Points I spend on it, but I’m not sure I’d ever pay the full list price in cash for this. I love how well the Vitamix works to blend, but I’m still really concerned about the noise level it generates, especially since I live in a condo.

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