A week in Paris

I’ve loved Paris since my first visit many years ago. There’s something special about Paris. It’s ancient and gritty and magical, and while it’s not for everybody it is definitely for me. One of my life goals is to spend a spring in Paris in a tiny pied-à-terre before heading south to summer in a French gite. Until then I’m more than satisfied with the few chances I get to spend some time in the city.


We arrived at Charles de Gaulle early on Saturday morning and took a cab to Le Hotel 123 Sébastopol. The ride cost us just under 50€ and took about 40 minutes. The ride into Paris is interesting because the outskirts of the city are pretty ugly. We drove through several rough neighbourhoods, including one with a gypsy family screaming and walking into the street, before hitting the core of Paris.

Since we were early to arrive at the 123 Sébastopol they didn’t have a room ready for us, but the front desk staff was very friendly and took our bags before directing us to a seating room just past the lobby that had coffee, juice, and some nice baked goods at our disposal. We sat there for a while and stared enjoyed the atmosphere while waiting for our room to be ready and the caffeine to kick it.

When we did get to our room we found that it was on the small side, but very clean. Each floor’s decor has a fun theme and ours was music. The walls were covered in sheet music and there was a tv above the bed that played classical music. Not necessarily of interest to everyone, but we did catch the Pokemon GO Europe exclusive Mr. Mime just behind the 123 Sebastopol. We were in our room and literally raced down the street to catch this little weirdo.

Museums and Art

Museums and Art are just bonkers in Paris. You could literally spend days wandering through t museums to visit, but we visited two of my favourites – the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay

angel of death
My Favourite painting, which I call “Bad News.” The Angel of the Death painted saying “Girl you dead.”

Explore Les Arrondissements

The outskirts of Paris are often drab, and in some places downright frightening, but the inner core of the city is beautiful and as you explore the inner neighbourhoods (or arrondissements) you’ll be blown away by stunning architecture and ancient buildings everywhere you look.  Paris is easily walkable and downtown Paris is as safe as any large European city centre in Europe, meaning you’ll want to keep an eye out for pick-pockets, and be wary at night.

notre dame cathedral

Disneyland Paris

Before flying back to Canada we took the train to Disneyland Paris for a day. The transit system in Paris is fantastic, and you can get from Downtown to Disneyland pretty easily. We got on the subway, transferred once to get on the RER (local rail) and when we got off the train at Marne-la-Vallée station we were two minutes from Disneyland. Incredible!

Disneyland Paris is much smaller than Walt Disney World, but because were there there in September we found the crowds were really minimal. Almost all the rides available in DisneyWorld, but without the wait! I’d definitely recommend this to couples with or without children.

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